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Improve Your Workout With… The Color Green?

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Eating well is integral to living well, as is exercise. But what if your “visual diet” of the sights you take in around you could affect your ability to perform healthful activity–and even improve it? According to a new study, the color green can do just that.

Researchers at the University of Essex in England attempted to find out the ways in which color can affect a person’s workout, particularly in regard to mood.

In their study, 14 men of college age rode stationary bikes for three sets of five minutes. As they rode, they viewed a video of a nature scene, but for each of the three sets, there was a different color filter on the video–green, black or red.

After each five-minute period, participants were asked questions about their feelings and, according to the researchers, subjects stated they had a better mood and more energy after viewing the green-filtered video. The clip with the red filter, however, left them angry. According to Health on TODAY:

“Lush greenery signaled abundant food and nearby water to early human ancestors, the researchers wrote in their study. As a result, positive feelings toward the color green may have become hardwired into the human brain over the course of evolution, they said.”

To be honest, I live in a very cold area of the country right now and hate going running outdoors in this season. However, I also really hate indoor gyms, so I’ve got a bit of a dilemma on my hands. Perhaps I should give going for a brisk walk outdoors another try while there’s still some green–maybe it’ll give me more energy than I realize.

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