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Important Things to Teach Our Children

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weary parent

Char at Weary Parent posted a list of 13 things we need to teach our children.  Here are a few that I like:

  • We all make mistakes and can learn from them. [I'd like to add we can learn from other's mistakes too!!!]
  • Not all gratification is instant.  Some things are worth the wait.
  • How to deal with bullies, mean people, and rude people

I think Char has a pretty good list.  To the list I'd like to add, “The world does not revolve around you.”  That may sound harsh, but in my years of teaching I have met quite a few along the way that acted like the world revolved around them.  They are impatient, whiny, demanding, and insensitive to others, and I have to say a total pain to be around. 

Here is a famous quote that we should all live by, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”