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iDog Instruction Manual

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White - Hasbro i-Dog Robotic Music Loving CanineA couple of days ago, we received an iDog that I absolutely love. In fact, I think I'm more in love with it than my son who insists on keeping him in a box with the Robo Pet, the iDog's “mommy”.

Like all good parents (ha!), I read the iDog manual but it both had too much detail and not enough instructions. They were listing all the different light patterns but didn't explain how to interact with the dog besides “feeding” it music every hour to keep it “happy.”

One night, when my son was playing with it a lot, it suddenly burst into a techno song. I didn't know the iDog was capable of anything other than making little barking, purring, doggy sounds, and acting as a speaker if it was plugged into a player. I tried to get the iDog to play a song again the next day and it refused. Darn dog.

By now, the manual was long lost so I had to go online to find one. All the ones I found were English translations of the Japanese manual which doesn't help because the Japanese iDog is more sophisticated with different features. Finally, I found the manual (pdf) at Hasbro. Reading it again didn't help but visiting the Tiger Toys promo did.

To get the doggy to play its own tune, you have to push his button nose many times quickly in rapid succession. It's considered a “surprise” bonus feature. But, he won't play his music for you just because you ask. You have to have been feeding him a large amount of music AND “petting” his head often by stroking the top of his head where there is a touch sensor that looks like a small hole.

After pampering him this way, he'll play his music for you. The music is catchy and my son loves to jive to it so it's worth the bit of work to figure it out. Most people who've bought iDog seem to have missed out on this feature based on their reviews at places like Amazon and in their blogs. So, if you're one of them, I hope this will help you enjoy your iDog even more!

25th Birthday Musical CelebrationAs we speak, he's sitting on top of our TV with his lights flashing, occasionally whimpering, head turning from side to side, and ears going up and down. Sesame Street appears to please the canine soul.