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Ideas for Repurposing Old Dresser Drawers

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I was on a field trip today at the pumpkin patch.  They had a gift store which had a nice covered porch, complete with rocking chairs and decorations.  I'm glad I walked up to the porch because I spotted these cute planters which are simply old dresser drawers.  My husband and I enjoy antiques, rustic decorations, and repurposing old items so I really liked this idea. 

dresser drawer planter box

Seeing these dresser drawer planters has stirred a curiosity for other things you can do with dresser drawers.  Rather than tossing your old drawers to the curb, consider one of these ideas:

  • Underbed storage – Better Homes & Gardens suggests putting casters on drawer bottoms to use them as under the bed storage.
  • BookcaseCountry Living shows us how to build an adaptable modular storage system.  (Cool idea, btw!)
  • Shelving – Mount an old drawer to the wall and use it for storage or knicknacks and decorations.  If your wall is made of drywall, be sure to drill into studs or use anchors.  This will help to hold the weight of the shelf.

What ways could you repurpose dresser drawers?

image (c) Karen Weideman