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‘The Ice Diet’ Is The Newest Weight Loss Trend That You Should Avoid At All Costs

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In ridiculous diet news, there's a new e-book making the rounds online whose “advice” seems not only dangerous… but all-around dumb. It's called The Ice Diet, and it's pretty much exactly what you're thinking.

Author Brian Weiner, M.D., claims that you can lose weight by consuming large quantities of ice, since your body needs to expel energy in order to bring ice up to your body temperature. Weiner tells The Atlantic,

While eating ice, you are serving two purposes. You are burning calories and not eating positive-calorie foods. … Ingesting ice at this level should not have any obvious adverse consequence in otherwise healthy persons. … The ingestion of one liter of ice per day appears to be generally safe.

Wait. Do you mean to suggest that replacing food with water will make you lose weight? Somebody get this man a Nobel Prize!

Maybe I'm over-editorializing here, but this seems like so much crap. Weiner hasn't published a single study to back up his claims, so this whole diet is silly conjecture on par with hearing a third grader say that babies come out of their mothers' butts. His language in these quotes makes it obvious that even he doesn't believe what he's saying. If I'm going to start a diet, I want a doctor to be confident enough not to say that it “appears to be generally safe.” His ideas are interesting, sure, but couldn't you save a lot of time and energy and tooth enamel just by drinking water? And while there's something to be said for keeping your mouth busy, who in this universe feels full and satiated from ice?

It looks like this diet hasn't caught on enough to be a full-blown fad (yet), so let's do our best to nip it in the bud while we have the chance. Eat ice if you want, but don't change your entire lifestyle on the basis that ‘some guy on the internet says it won't kill you.'

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