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How to Write Meaningful Journal Entries

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Once I'd been keeping a journal for a few months I found a lot of my entries were rather shallow. I wrote about the weather, the things I did and other somewhat boring entries. Although, there is nothing wrong with writing these things. Tracking the weather is something I personally gain a lot from. It can be satisfying to list what you actually accomplish in a day. The act of writing in your journal alone is setting up the habit of sitting and writing something.

But rereading such entries can be terribly boring and repetitive. So, what's the answer? How do you break out of writing only these surface observations of your life?

Make your entries rich in detail, use timed writing, focus your senses, mine your memory and use lots of journal writing prompts.

Those are just some of my suggestions for writing meaningful journal entries. Please add more in the comments section if you feel like sharing.

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