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How To Swaddle A Baby

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Whether it is almost time for your baby to be born or you’ve just brought him/her home, one thing is for certain you’ll need to get him/her warm. How do you do that?

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Sure you can toss on the blankets, however babies really like to feel secure and swaddling them is one of the most recommended ways. Now have you tried wrapping your baby in that perfect way the nurses seemed to do it every time they brought you him or her and you just can’t do it? Not to worry, here are a few steps I’ve learned along the way.

Steps to Swaddle Your Baby

1.  Grab a blanket and try it on a doll or a stuffed animal.

2.  Lay the blanket in a diamond and take the top corner and fold it until meets just above the center. Make sure there is enough room at the bottom to bring it up to your baby’s center.  Your baby’s neck (doll or stuffed animal) should be right at the center of the fold.

3.  For a real baby bend their arms just slightly and take one side and tuck it under the baby.  

4.  Take the bottom portion of the blanket and bring it up to the baby

5.  With the other side do the same step as #3 but in the opposite direction. Make sure the baby feels snug, otherwise they can wiggle right out.

Keep in mind that even though the cold months are approaching fast you should make sure to overheat your baby. I hope that helps and here is a quick video that I found by Momlogic to show you how it is done. (I’m hoping to get my own videos to work on this computer to show you things in the future.