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How To Dress For Hot Yoga

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How To Dress For Hot Yoga hot yoga 640x426 jpgI’m down to try any fitness routine that people get cultish about…except those fancy spinning classes, those seem stressful.

My friends that take care of themselves are all obsessed with Bikram or hot yoga. Bikram is basically Hatha in a room that’s 105°F and 40% humidity. Have you done it? It is a nightmare, but feels weirdly great. It’s totally understandable how people get hooked and do it everyday. I’ve considering challenging myself to a month of it.

It is so fucking hot in those rooms, dudes. Human bodies shvitz like hell when they’re balancing and stretching in a humid 105°F environment. What are you supposed to wear during an activity that makes you deliberately insanely sweaty? Provocatively. Wear booty shorts to go work out!

Here’s how to dress like you’re a seasoned cult member:

  • Pull your hair back and wear a headband! Not the terrycloth kind that will heat your head up, you just want your hair to be very much out of your face.
  • Accessorize- Bring a water bottle. Drinking water will make you feel better and keep you from watching yourself die. Also bring a towel, hardcore yogis say to let your sweat drip onto the towel instead of using it to wipe the sweat off of your body.
  • Make sure your clothes are tight- no excess fabric, that will get so heavy and disgusting from all the sweating you’re about to do
  • And skimpy- have you ever been hot before? You want to be as naked as possible. I say go as bare as you’re comfortable with or as bare as you can go without getting arrested.
  • Make sure you wear a breathable fabric- Imagine wearing an all-nylon bodysuit in a 105 degree room. Yeast infection city! Also hella stifling. Wear breathable, yet stretchy movement clothes.