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How to Buy Used or Sew Your Own Cloth Diapers

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The other day I wrote about Using Cloth Diapers. While using cloth diapers can help a family save money in the long run (see this savings calculator), the initial investment can be quite expensive depending on the cloth diapering system and brand you choose. I bought my Fuzzi Bunz diapers used on eBay. I've had friends who have had success with the sales forums at diaperpin.com (one friend advised that it's best to create your username and password and login before searching for diapers because the items listed often sell quickly and you'll want to get the contact information and email the seller as soon as possible after making your choice). If you do buy used, always make sure to check the original manufacturer's instructions for proper care and washing. Consider boiling the diapers (if the fabrics/system can tolerate it) to ensure they are sanitary for your baby.

If you're handy with a sewing machine another option is to sew your own cloth diapers. Here are some resources for free patterns and templates:

www.sleepingbaby.net/jan (scroll down to diaper projects)

If you want to buy a pattern, check out this compilation of reviews of cloth diaper patterns.