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30 by 30: Why Short Skirts And South Beach Aren’t Just For Skinny Girls

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I have always held a few things in life as things that only skinny people can do: Buying designer jeans, wearing a two-piece swimsuit and vacationing in Miami, to name a few.

I have no issues with other tropical vacation spots and love sleeveless dresses, short shorts and spending entire days in a bathing suit…just not in Miami. For some reason, it's long been fixed as the holy grail of the beautiful and the skinny–and not a place that I belong.

But a few years ago my girlfriends and I decided to spend a couple of days in Miami before boarding a Labor Day cruise. I have never worked as hard at the gym as I did that summer. Everything I ate, every workout I completed was all with Miami in mind. I felt had to look a certain way to enjoy myself in the home of the beautiful and the fit. A week before we left for vacation, I hit my halfway weight, a number I hadn't seen since junior high. I was ecstatic.

And when we arrived in Miami, I realized several things:

  1. It was just like any other city and I had made up this fake anxiety in my head.
  2. My friends were just happy to be with me on vacation; they didn’t care what I wore or what I looked like.
  3. Regardless of location, how I carry myself is more important than what size I am.

Now – don’t get me wrong, I felt AMAZING that first night in Miami. But it wasn't all about how I looked. Yes, I bought a new dress, wore my favorite heels and danced the night away. But most importantly, I felt confident, I felt happy and I had so much fun.

Last month, I found out I would be heading to Miami for work for five days this week. I leave tomorrow. I've been too busy to dwell on it…until my friend sent me a link to a club he wants to go to, and my inner self freaked out: “I’m not skinny anymore. I can’t go to Miami – only the beautiful people are there! Is it possible to just hide in my hotel room??” Questions and body issues and panic attacks have been swirling around in my head

Over the weekend, I even began to imagine ways that I could bail on the work trip entirely. A rare disease? A broken limb? A family emergency? In the end, I decided to tear apart my closet until I found three suitable outfits that passed my Miami litmus test.

As I pranced up and down my hall in an unending parade of high heels, silk and sequins, I realized that once again, I was letting my perception of my body limit me from things I love to do. I am spending unnecessary time worrying about something that can only be changed by getting off my ass and not worrying about it anymore. The bottom line? It doesn’t matter whether I’m a size 6 or a 16; I can still go to Miami and have a blast. Lucky for me, I found several outfits during my hallway fashion show that will most definitely make me look great and feel great in Miami even if I don’t have a flat stomach yet.

And to be honest, isn’t that what Spanx are for anyway?

The weekly drill-down:

HIGH: Finding a brand new neon blue Banana Republic skirt that fits me to pack for Miami! (See picture)

LOW: It was the dreaded PMS week where every piece of fruit seems like death and chocolate is a girl’s best friend.

+/-: -1 lb. Back in the saddle, slowly but surely.