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This Is How Much Sugar Is In Your ‘Healthy’ Breakfast

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how much sugar is in healthy breakfast

Most of you probably know that soda contains sugar; there are plenty of astounding PSAs and photos drive home the point. But a lot of us frequently dine on foods that we think of as “healthy” that can be just as much of a sugar bomb, if not more. Case in point: breakfast. Even if you steer clear of donuts and pastries that are full of sugar (duh), and make what you think are pretty smart choices, many breakfast foods contain a load of sugar you didn't know you were in for.

We picked a few common foods that seem like reasonably healthy breakfast choices; here's how much sugar they really contain*:

*Inspired by New York's clever anti-soda ads, we chose to use packets of sugar to demonstrate the sugar content of several foods. Each sugar packet contains 4 grams of sugar.

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