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Guess How Many Wings Americans Will Consume During The Super Bowl?

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There’s two things I love about the Super Bowl: The Puppy Bowl, and the food. If you don’t count The Puppy Bowl, then I guess I just love the food. From loaded nachos, to buffalo chicken dip, to chicken poppers, I certainly don’t discriminate against any football-friendly appetizer.

Guess How Many Wings Americans Will Consume During The Super Bowl  wings jpg

One game day food definitely takes the cake though, and that is the wing. Wings are the ULTIMATE delicacy to devour with your buddies (or biddies) as the game goes on. Wonder how many wings will be consumed this Super Bowl?

If you guessed a LOT, you’d be warm. If you guessed 1.3 billion, you’d be absolutely correct.

This information is courtesy of the National Chicken Council, a nonprofit trade group that reps the U.S. chicken industry (don’t worry, I had no idea it existed, either) and looks into bizarro statuses like this every year. Apparently, 2016’s Super Bowl estimate is 37.5 million, or 3 percent, more wings than last year’s 1.25 billion.

According to The Huffington Post, this is enough wings to give every person in the entire country four wings each, which is crazy. And according to the NCC, the city with the higher wing sales will win — which means the Panthers will demolish Peyton Manning’s Broncos.

While this is kind of grotesque, it’s also kind of amazing. Here’s to life, love, and the pursuit of endless wings.

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