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How Long Are Color Trends Staying Around?

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When people heard I was talking to some color experts from Valspar, I got a few questions. One of the biggest was whether staying in style by using colors from a palette each year means repainting and redecorating year after year. Here are the two reader questions and the answers that Ann and Sue gave:

Are there any tips for people who want to incorporate a palette from this year into a room with last year’s colors?
Ann says: 

There is a gentle transition from one year to the next. You can find something from palettes to work with existing space. For example, in my chartreuse green living room, I went from gold accessories to copper.

Will this year’s colors be completely out of date next year?

Ann says:

No. We’re starting off on a whole new series of colors right now. We’re tending more toward purples, peaches and water colors. We’re transitioning into a whole new trend and it will be around for awhile.

Sue says:

There’s an 18 -24 month average with color trends. The colors we see will be around for at least two years and they’ll probably actually be around five years or so.

I hope readers who are unsure about using a new color palette in their homes will be reassured by Sue and Ann’s answers!

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