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What To Drink During The How I Met Your Mother Season Finale Based On Your Favorite Character

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HIMYM cocktails

The last legendary episode ever of the long running How I Met Your Mother airs tonight––Ted Moseby is about to actually meat the titular mother. Holy moly, you'd better get your drinks ready. Fans of the show know that alcohol (along with Marshal, Robin, Barney, Lily, Ted, and New York City) is one of the main characters of the show. The gang's Peach Pit or Central Perk type hang-out is in a bar, there are episodes dedicated to drunken nights, hungover days, hangover cures, and even weirdly specific drinks.

Here's what you should drink tonight while watching the How I Met Your Mother series finale depending on your favorite character:

The Ted Mosby- If Ted is your guy, you should have one large beer to drink slowly out of a glass cowboy boot. Extra points if you can make it last about nine years like Shmosby's story about meeting the mother of his children. Even more extra points if the boot is made of red tinted glass.

Marshall Eriksen-

If Big Fudge the future judge is your favorite How I Met Your Mother best friend, you should drink something big, fruity, and sweet. Marshall is a big guy with a bigger heart, he's secure enough in himself to dress up in gender-swapped Halloween costumes with his wife and drink whatever he wants. Go ahead and order something with rum and a pink umbrella in it, then flirt with yourself in a mirror, big guy.

The Robin Scherbatsky- If you Robin, you'll remember that in one episode, McClaren's Pub names a cocktail that Marshall technically invented after Robin because she ordered it so many damn times. Despite the fact that she was more of a scotch girl than a pink drink girl, the Scherbatsky cocktail features ingredients like Peach Schnapps and a handful of Maraschino cherries. It makes sense when you consider her old career as Robin Sparkles. Here's a recipe for the drink from the show.

The Lily Aldrin- 

In a season six episode called The Perfect Cocktail, Lily the master manipulator tries to figure out the best alcoholic beverage to get her friends wasted enough on to get them to stop fighting. If Kindergarten teacher, shopping addict, and art enthusiast Lily is your favorite of the How I Met Your Mother clan, you'll know exactly what to drink in any situation or you'll slurp down whatever Linus brings you.

The Barney Stinson-

If you think Barney Stinson is the bro with the most, drink something really legen-waitforit-dary and exclusive while wearing a finely tailored suit. A well aged and wildly expensive Scotch perhaps?

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