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How Do You Pronounce “Medela”?

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It's hard enough trying to pronounce “La Leche League.” Add in the name of the popular breast pump maker “Medela” and it's no wonder some of us get confused. Worry no more: Medela is pronounced “meh-DEE-la.”

Medela is a Swiss company founded in 1961. It makes the personal use pumps the Medela New Pump In Style Original Breast Pump and the Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump. It also makes hospital-grade pumps designed for multiple users: the Symphony, Lactina and Classic. I used the Medela Lactina when my second child was hospitalized with a high fever at six weeks (thank goodness she turned out to be fine and I continued to breastfeed her as much as she was able and pumped only occasionally for my comfort). I was shocked how much milk I could pump in such a short time with the Lactina. I'm a hand-express kind of a girl but if I ever needed a pump temporarily I would not hesitate to rent a hospital grade Medela pump (especially now that I know how to pronounce the name!)