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‘Housewives’ iGoPINK Ad Is Totally Offensive To Breast Cancer Survivors

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83f48a37ca384a58fb71e677a3abe0c6.image.479x550In their new iGoPINK campaign, the Breast Cancer Charities of America has completely missed the mark, exploited women and offended some breast cancer survivors in the process.

It's the not-so-mastermind creation of the BCCA and Real Housewives star Gretchen Christine who teamed up to create yet another “pink” promotion to raise awareness about breast cancer (and, of course, sell some product in the process).

On their website, Christine explains her mission with the iGoPink campaign and promoting the pink satchel from her collection:

Many people have been wondering about the footage seen on the preview for Housewives Season 7 and why I got naked with my purse; well everyone can stop with the rumors now because the truth is, it was to help bring awareness to a very important cause The BCCA (Breast Cancer Charities of America). Hey it got your attention didn’t it? I was honored they asked me to participate in this ad campaign. I was asked to bring something that I could hold or wear in the ad that had relevance or meaning to me. Thus the “Pink Collection” idea was born. “Pink” was the color of choice for obvious reasons and more importantly this was a way I could give back from the sales of my new collection. Participating in charity has been instilled in me since I was a little girl so I was thrilled to be able to create a whole collection of pink pieces that would help benefit an amazing cause.

Yes, breast cancer is an amazing cause to support, but here's the thing: Ads like this don't help. As a matter of fact, they hurt the women who they are supposed to be supporting the most–breast cancer survivors.

As one survivor, Ashley McIntyre, posted on Facebook, it's just plain offensive:

I must rant for a moment. BCCA – Breast Cancer Charities of America has an iGoPink campaign. I hate to break it to you, no actually I do not, your campaign is not kind or thoughtful to those of us that lost our breasts. Not to mention that reconstruction looks nothing like augmentation. We have major scars. And meds, chemo, radiation have all changed our bodies.

To put models with perfect figures in your ads, not a way to reach me. This was posted by someone in my support group on Twitter. I am by far not the only one appalled.


Excellent point. How much more “awareness” do we really need about breast cancer? All of this is really just a ploy to sell more pink products–and they are exploiting women in the process. Putting a naked woman with (enhanced?) breasts in an ad like this is not realistically representing women with breast cancer who have lost their breasts, undergone chemo and have scars from surgery and reconstruction. Surely, there are better ways to help cure this disease that don't try to sell us more stuff and offend women in the process.

Just stop the pinkwashing madness. Please.

Do you agree? Are you over the pink campaigns and the exploitation of women?

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