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10 Magical Ingredients To Put In Your Hot Toddies

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hot toddyI'm of the school of thought that considers the delicious wintry cocktail, the Hot Toddy, both medicinal and fun. They definitely do have comforting properties that sooth and alleviate symptoms of winter shittiness and remedy sickness, but they also are fucking tasty and I'd like to be drinking one right now.

For every Hot Toddy enthusiast, there is a different special formula. The potion's basics remain the same across the board, but the individual little twists like cloves and cinnamon sticks make each hot toddy recipe personalized and special. I like to use whiskey, but some people like to use brandy. Whenever I brew a batch of Hot Toddies, my ratios are slightly different. Sometimes, I like to add fun little extras to take my Hot Toddy game to the next level.

Here are 10 excellent ingredients to add to a basic hot toddy:

  1. Vanilla– Adding a touch of vanilla will make your cocktail sweet and fragrant and anything but vanilla. Use extract or bits from actual vanilla bean pods.
  2. Ginger– Adding some crystallized ginger or just shaved raw ginger can turn a regular Hot Toddy to an even more medicinal beverage. It'll taste good and soothe your bellyache.
  3. Cider– This is a very popular ingredient for Hot Toddies. An old roommate of mine would insist that it wasn't a toddy without cider.
  4. Pumpkin Pie Spice– If you throw a dash in while your toddies are heating up, your whole kitchen is going to smell like a fucking pie shop. You're welcome.
  5. Extra Lemon– Most recipes call for just a wedge of lemon, but if you go wild with lemon juice, your Hot Toddy can be more like a Hot Lemonade. The extra citrus adds a bite and reminds you that winter doesn't last forever.
  6. Tea– Just toss a bag or two in your cauldron–any tea you like (black or herbal work best). Maybe try some chamomile if your making a night cap?
  7. Apple– you can toss some muddled apples in your brew, or make an apple simple syrup to add in. This makes the drink a little more autumnal than wintry, but apple flavor can be a year round delight.
  8. Nutmeg– It still tis the season for nutmeg.
  9. Grenadine– It'll be a little sweeter and much pinker.
  10. Milk– If you think this sounds gross, just look at certifiable hottie Jamie Oliver's recipe for a cappuccino-like Hot Toddy and think again.

Mmmmm, it's almost Toddy time for me.