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Hostess In Mediation To Save Twinkies…Which Really Don’t Deserve To Be Saved

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Twinkie fans can breathe a little sigh of relief today, and those money-hungry Twinkie hoarders who are trying to sell this cream-filled treat(?) for up to $5,000 on ebay should just chill out before attempting to get rich off of people's Twinkie addictions. Hostess has announced that they are in mediation to save these golden chemical-loaded cakes. But they don't deserve to be saved.

Hostess, the maker of these fine Twinkies, along with Ding Dongs and Ho Ho's, announced yesterday that they have agreed to meet (again) with their striking bakers union and have a formal mediation, which was demanded by a bankruptcy judge.

Judge Robert Drain, who will preside over the mediation said his goal is to save jobs:

My desire to do this is prompted primarily by the potential loss of over 18,000 jobs as well as my belief that there is a possibility to resolve this matter.

Hostess already announced Friday that it would going out of business due to bankruptcy and a labor strike. And on their website, Hostess states that productions have already been halted:

Hostess Brands Inc. announced today that it will follow a request from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York to enter a confidential mediation on Tuesday with the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco and Grain Millers Union (BCTGM). Today’s hearing to consider Hostess Brands’ motion to wind down the Company and sell all of its assets has been adjourned until 11 a.m., EST, on Wednesday. Production remains shut down.

Now, we are certainly not in favor of thousands of people losing their jobs–especially right before the holidays. But here's the thing: Twinkies are just plain awful. They couldn't be more unhealthy, they are filled with nothing but crap, and they only contribute to our country's out-of-control obesity epidemic.

Not surprisingly, they received a grade of “F” for their nutrition, and they contain a whopping 37 ingredients–mainly chemicals–some of which come from natural gas and petroleum. Along with standard ingredients like sugar, water, flour and corn syrup, Twinkies also contain vegetable shortening, animal shortening and things we can't even pronounce like Monocalcium phosphate, Sodium acid pyrophosphate, Calcium caseinate, Monoglyceride, Diglyceride and Polysorbate 60, just to name a few. Do we really want those things in our bodies?

Of course not. So I, for one, am in favor of saying goodbye to Twinkies and Ding Dongs and Ho Ho's for good.

But the jobs, you say. And yes, I hear you. While I don't think Twinkies deserve to be saved, peoples' jobs do. So here's an idea for Hostess: How about you figure out a healthier way to make your snacks? Something that perhaps provides some nutritional value without all the fat and sugar and calories and artificial ingredients that your current products offer? You make something healthier (that's still a tasty treat), people keep their jobs and our country gets better food choices. Everyone wins. See?

Nevertheless, Hostess CEO Gregory Rayburn remains hopeful that the old Twinkies will remain:

We’re happy for any result that can be achieved that will put the people back to work and get the company out of bankruptcy.

Tell us how you feel.

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