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Ace Power Ride-On Horse Thingy Proves Everyone Loves A Semi-Sexual Fitness Gaget

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Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power

Apparently, suggestive exercise equipment isn't limited to the U.S. This Korean video for the Ace Power, (Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power?) which has been blowing up on Buzzfeed since it was posted yesterday, demonstrates that, it seems, the twains of East and West meet at a shared love of ridiculous fitness gadgets which promise incredible results with little to no effort.

Essentially an at-home riding bull, the contraption–whose video was initially pointed out by Oh Have You Seen This, which is a trove of internet gems–is basically a bike seat that thrusts for the user, requiring them to ostensibly use their abdominal muscles to keep from getting bucked. Part horse, part very-bumpy bicycle ride, and all over the internet, the Ace Power is actually pretty hard to actually find any product information about. And, since I don't speak Korean, the ad isn't very helpful.

But much like the Shake Weight, toning shoes, and that weird old butt-jiggling belt thing that ladies used to use int he 1950s (or at least, that's what vintage advertisements have taught me), it's unlikely that the Ace Power is actually a very good workout. Because, of course, spot-training doesn't work, and, unless it somehow manages to make the user really, really sweaty (I guess it does require some balance?), it's another humorous, useless piece of fitness equipment that is probably gathering dust in Korean homes.

Unless it's a satire. Or otherwise fake. Which it may be. In which case, well done Korea. Well done.