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Fox Sports Calls Hope Solo A ‘Hot Mess’ For Getting Abused By Fiance, Natch.

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hope solo domestic abuse
Hope Solo‘s fiance, Jerramy Stevens, was arrested on Monday–the night before they were to be wed–on suspicion of assaulting her, according to police reports. Most news outlets are focusing on details of the report, and the fact that Stevens' long, sordid legal history. But Fox Sports take? That Solo is “a hot mess.”

So far, it appears that Hope's brother, Marcus Solo, called 911 on Monday night because of a fight at home. According to ABC News, the rest sounds pretty bleak:

A police report described a blood splattered home with several people injured and Solo refusing to cooperate with the police and urging her brother to stop talking to the officers.


When officers arrived at the home, Marcus had blood on his forehead and a bruise under his eye, according to a police report obtained by ABC News affiliate KOMO.

The report stated that Hope had blood on her elbow from a cut, however she refused to tell officers how she was hurt.

According to the report, the Solo siblings gave police different stories about how the fight began and Hope yelled, “Don't say anything to them Marcus” several times while he was being questioned by police.

hope solo hot mess fox sportsBut Fox Sports columnist Jen Floyd Engel has a different take:

Hope Solo may or may not have married an ex-NFL player with a long criminal history who may or may not have added to that rap sheet that same day by beating on Solo in a fight over where to live in wedded bliss.

A radio report had them exchanging “I dos” late Tuesday.

To say the two-time gold medal-winning goalie for the U.S. National Soccer Team is a train wreck right now is an understatement. She is a certified hot mess.

So, famous man beats famous woman, and famous woman is obviously the problem.

Engels isn't just carelessly sensationalizing her first few lines for page views; she also carelessly works through a painful logic about how female athletes are subject to a different set of standards when it comes to living “clean lives.” According to Engels, we like women “squeaky clean” or “crazy hot,” and apparently, Solo doesn't fit either bill:

We have trouble with somebody like Solo, who has a little bit of crazy in her, a little bit of jerkhole and, yes, a little bit of hot mess. She does not fit the paradigm. She is not necessarily whom we want our little daughters emulating.

Remember–she's talking about the victim of domestic violence here.

To be fair, Solo has discussed abuse in less-than-admirable terms in the past. In her memoir, Solo: A Memoir of Hope, she described getting slapped and pushed around on the set of Dancing with the Stars–but basically excused the situation by explaining that “she could take it,” earning plenty of criticism from people who thought she should have taken the situation more seriously.

But this is what Fox's Engel likes so much about her!

She finds disregard for public opinion is “refreshing”–although, don't be mistaken, she thinks she's a moron for being in a relationship with a scum bag like Stevens. But, in some seriously twisted logic, she claims that outrage over Stevens' abuse (which, bear in mind, is targeted at Stevens by most reputable sources) is sexist:

And while he would not have been my first choice in grooms for Solo, the outrage hits me as just a little bit sexist. It is time we stop expecting every female athlete to be role models and perfect team players, especially if we do not have these same standards for the guys.

Yes, Hope Solo is a hot mess.

She’s just one of the guys.

Sadly, Fox probably won't be the only place where Solo takes a beating from the press for taking a beating from her fiance. But for the record, if you're outraged and saddened by the reports of Stevens' abuse, over Stevens'