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Honda Thinks What Women Want Most In A Car Is Wrinkle Prevention

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Good idea, bad marketing strategy: A car with a windshield that blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays (awesome!) … being marketed to women as a way to prevent wrinkles (ugh). The car, from Honda, is a version of the company's Fit model. Its called “She's” — and, oh boy, is it pink. Currently only available in Japan, it also has the heated seats, added safety features and “Plasmacluster” climate control technology which the company claims can somehow improve passengers' skin.

So whatever about the flagship pink exterior — it's actually a really pretty shade (IMHO), and the vehicle also comes in brown, black and white. But why not market super-UV-blocking windshields to women and men as a way to, you know, prevent skin cancer? And in marketing targeted at women, why not at least sell this feature based on vanity (if they must) and health concerns?

Do the folks at Honda think women are so dumb or frivolous that the best way to market automobiles to them is as a super-pricey form of skin care?

Apparently so. At least they know it's not our only concern, though: A Honda executive assured the Yomuri Shinbun newspaper that for ladies who don't love pink, there were several other shades to “match their eyeshadow.”

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