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Homemade Gifts to Keep on Hand

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There's nothing like a homemade gift to give someone you love. With our busy lives, however, it can be difficult to find time to make something at the last minute. The best bet is to keep working on things in your spare time, and then box them up when the need arises. Here are a few ideas of homemade gifts that nearly anyone would enjoy.


Scarves are not only practical and easy to make, they are fairly versatile. So experiment with color, yarn textures, and design. Make a few dressy scarves and some others that are meant to keep you warm. Your recipients will appreciate them!

Tablecloths or Table Runners
Tablecloths are fairly easy to sew, so the next time you see a sale on fabric, pick up some coordinating material and create away. You never knew when someone will move to a new house or redecorate, which are both perfect times to give someone a homemade tablecloth or runner.

Napkins are easy to make and always appreciated. So many of us use paper napkins, that it's a wonderful thing to get some cloth napkins for everyday (or company) use. For a special treat, create some that are cocktail size. These are usually harder to find the recipient will really appreciate your effort.

If you're like me, making afghans is a passion. But how many can you make for yourself? Not everyone appreciates a homemade afghan or blanket, but when you come across someone who does, it's nice to have one on hand to give as a gift. They make great presents for someone who is feeling down, sick, moved to a new home, or having a baby. Vary the colors and designs so you'll always have one on hand to give.

Homemade note cards are especially wonderful. I've used homemade note cards to give, to scrapbook with, and of course, to write in. They add that extra touch you just can't find with a store bought card. Make up a collection of five or ten and keep them for a special occasion.

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