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12 Days Of DIY: Holiday Spice Herbal Tea Blend

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Four out of 12 days of DIY left here at Blisstree. In keeping with our theme of simple, healthy homemade gifts, today's tutorial is on how to make a holiday spice tea mix. This is inspired by Katie Glenn at Hello Giggles, who posted this DIY guide to making apple-cinnamon tea blend and giving it as a holiday gift. It uses peppermint instead of apple, though, for some extra wintry umph.

Putting together this holiday spice tea blend is incredibly easy. For gifting, your container for the loose leaf tea mix can be as as simple as a plastic baggie tied with ribbon or twine or a recycled tea tin. The tea itself tastes and smells like the holidays — plus, the herbs and spices make this tea warming winter health boost.


Materials: Each tea mix gift bag contains enough for three servings of tea. Per bag you'll use —

• 3 tablespoons of loose black tea or 3 tea bags

• 3 half-cinnamon sticks

• 3 tablespoons dried peppermint

• A small, clear plastic bag</em> that can be sealed tightly.

Putting it together: 

Put all ingredients together in the clear bag and seal. Tie the bag with piece of twine, yarn or ribbon and attach a handwritten note card with brewing instructions:

Add 1 tbsp tea + 1 tbsp peppermint to tea ball. Add tea ball and cinnamon stick to mug and cover with 1 cup of boiling water. Allow to steep for 3-5 minutes before removing tea ball. Relax & enjoy. Happy holidays! 

Or, you know, whatever you want you holiday greeting to be. Note that you can say “1 cinnamon stick” on the instructions instead of 1/2 because you'll have pre-broken the cinnamon sticks into the per-serving 1/2-stick size.

“If you’re presenting the gift to someone that isn’t usually a loose tea drinker then you’ll want to include a tea ball (usually pretty cheap from the grocery store) in the package,” suggests Glenn, which I think is a great idea.

Put the tea blend bag(s) with instructions tied on and the tea ball in your gift bag/box/whatever and you're good to go. Using an old tea tin that you've personalized is a nice touch that doesn't require extra wrapping paper or products and gives them a container for storing your tea mix. Or you could use a small mason jar or glass container with a tight lid.