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Better Than Marijuana? California Legalizes Homemade Food In Stores and Restaurants

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homemade food law california

Add to the list of reasons you should want to eat in California: The state has just passed a law allowing homemade food to be sold in restaurants and stores. So now going local doesn't just mean year-round fresh produce and incredible taco trucks, it also means buying the jam your neighbor cooked up, smeared on a slice of bread that was baked just down the street.

The new law could open huge doors for local food businesses, which are only becoming more common as people look to support American entrepreneurs, and local food. But there are a few catches: The law also excludes certain risky food products–meats and dairy aren't allowed. And producers still be subject to annual kitchen inspections, and they're not supposed to smoke or keep pets in the kitchen (just like what's required of commercial producers–and for good reason). The biggest limitation for businesses, which stand to make much greater profits without the burden of rent on a commercial kitchen, is that the law only applies to businesses with a revenue of $35,000 or less in 2013 (the amount is expected to rise to $50,000 by 2015).

It may not be allowed everywhere yet, or help out every small business, but the law could easily make Kickstarter-funded hot sauce and granola the biggest California food trends of 2013. We're looking forward to it.