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12 Days Of DIY: Glitzy But Green Homemade Christmas Trees

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Welcome to Day 2 of Blisstree's 12 Days of DIY. We're sharing new holiday projects — homemade gifts, DIY decorations — each weekday through December 20 (see yesterday's winter wreath tutorial here). Today: One of the lovely homemade Christmas trees you see above.

Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations

This DIY tutorial comes from blogger Shauna Mailloux, who shares home improvement, design, upcycling and crafty projects (including 12 different styles of decorative homemade Christmas trees!) at ShaunaMailloux.com. We're bringing you her instructions on how to on how to make this super simple curtain cord tree:


•  Cone bases. You could buy them at craft stores, but its cheaper (and greener) to make them yourself with discarded cardboard or poster board. “I made all of my trees with cereal boxes,” writes Shauna. “They’re being recycled, and they’re free … it’s a win-win. Plus you can make them exactly the size that you want.”

• Cording. For this tree, Mailloux used shiny gold cording that had been attached to a thrift store curtain. If you're a fabric hoarder, you've probably got something with cording laying around; if not, you can always buy it on its own at a craft store or buy an old curtain at the thrift store yourself.

• A hot glue gun.

• Scissors


Step 1. Make your cones. If using something like cereal boxes, keep the graphics on the inside of the cone.

Step 2. Snip a hole in the top of your cone and thread the cording through, glueing it to the inside of the cone.

Step 3. Wrap the cording all the way down the cone, securing with a little hot glue along the way (careful; easy does it with a hot glue gun).

Step 4. When you get to the bottom, unravel the cording into three smaller sections so when you tuck it under the cone, the cone willstill sit evenly. Glue the strands to the inside of your cone.

That's it. You can also do the same exact thing with hemp, or tinsel. See some of Mailloux's more elaborate tree-making guides here and here.