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12 Days of DIY: Sisal Rope Fruit Bowl

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We're over halfway through “12 Days of DIY,” our guide to making easy, homemade holiday gifts and decorations this December. For day seven, we bring you instructions on how to make your own sisal rope fruit bowl, like the one pictured above from thrifty DIY blogger Kate of Centsational Girl. It's a great way to turn old, ugly or plain metal bowls and baskets into rustic, neutral and natural kitchen storage.

Sisal rope is a kind of strong, natural-fibre rope made from the sisal plant. You can buy sisal rope at all sorts of stores pretty cheaply (on Amazon, for instance, it's $10.22 for a 100-foot strand).

“Sisal rope is your crafty friend,” writes Kate, who was inspired to create this homemade sisal rope fruit bowl after a similar one she liked at West Elm was sold out.

“I’ve had that rope bowl on my mind for many months, so I snagged a cheapo metal bowl from a craft store on clearance a few weeks ago, plus a couple of rolls of sisal rope from my local hardware store, and then got crafty with my glue gun.


Bowl or basket. You can use aluminum, plastic, whatever type of vessel you like. Be cheap and green by using an old basket or bowl you have around the house, or pick up something inexpensive at a craft or thrift store. You'll be covering the whole bowl over with rope, so it doesn't matter what it initially looks like.

Hot glue gun.

Glue sticks. A dozen or so.

Sisal rope. 50 to 75 feet of 1/4-inch thick rope.


Step 1. Glue the first part of the rope in place around one of the bowl's handless. Continue wrapping the rope around the whole handle, securing with hot-glue every second wrap around. Finish both handles this way.

Step 2. Secure an end of the rope under the handle with hot glue, the begin wrapping it around the bowl. Keep gluing the rope all the way around.

Step 3. Finish the bowl by wrapping the wrote around the inside. You can go all the way around the inside or only cover the top inner half.

And there you go — in three easy steps  you have an impressive-looking rope basket for Christmas / Hanukkah gifting or storing your own fruit and produce! See more of Kate's awesome, thrifty DIY projects at CentsationalGirl.com.

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