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Holiday Travel: What “Foods” Will You Eat During Your Thanksgiving Flight?

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photo: Flickr user Augapfel

As many of us prepare to board flights for a delightful day of holiday travel, a post on GOOD’s blog addressed the dismal state of airline food. Even though we know the food will be terrible (and overpriced), we can’t help but want our in-flight snack to be satisfying. That’s why flying presents a conundrum as far as eating (not to mention nutrition) is concerned.

If faced with a four-hour flight, do you bring along a snack or a meal? We’ll confess that we occasionally give in to junk food urges at the airport, even when we’ve only got a short flight. Why? In case we die in a fiery plane crash, of course. We want to have enjoyed some sour cream and onion Pringles as our last meal. But we’re pleased to report that we never buy the $8 canister of chips they sell you in-flight. We don’t need to indulge one last time that much.

Of course, it’s easy to become “that annoying person” when you bring food on the plane. Once I brought a sandwich that I’d bought at a Wolfgang Puck Express in the terminal, and the teenagers behind me wouldn’t stop bitching about the smell of the pesto on my sub. I just wanted to eat my food in peace, but I did understand. There’s nothing worse than being trapped in a confined space with smelly (or loud) food. But considering your airborne options for food that’s easily transportable, quiet, and odor-neutral, the pickings are slim. Once on a flight I watched a woman eat fistfuls of arugula out of a bag. I assumed she was just a health nut, but perhaps she was just being considerate of her fellow travelers.

What’s your food philosophy when it comes to flying? Take our poll and let us know.