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A Holiday Gift Guide For Cocktail Lovers, Lushes, And Party Animals

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booze giftsBooze gifts are the best gifts. Is there anything better than a friend coming over with a bottle of wine in hand? No, there isn't. If you have a friend or loved one who likes to unwind with the bottle, then you already know what to give them for the holidays.

Though alcohol makes a great present, it must be perfectly executed. When it comes to giving the gift of drunkenness even the perfect bottle of sauce can seem ever so slightly yet forgivably lazy. Fret not, there's a fantastic recipe for taking booze gifts up a notch from awesome gift to best gift ever. The perfect alcohol present is actually cocktail of sorts with at least three ingredients: booze, a booze accessory and a booze inspired product. Bundling gifts together will make alcohol, a traditionally last minute gift, seem thoughtful.

Let's start putting the perfect gift together…

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