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It’s Black Friday: Skip The Mall & Stay Inside With This DIY Gift

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It s Black Friday  Skip the Mall   Stay Inside With This DIY Gift holiday DIY 280x193 jpgHappy Black Friday! Just kidding, I sort of hate this day. And by sort of, I mean I do hate this day. As a retail veteran with countless Black Fridays under her belt, I can say I’ve encountered more than enough harrowing experiences that have left me with absolutely zero desire to venture into a shopping mall on the day after Thanksgiving. (Seriously, guys, seeing those crowds brings back memories that can only be described as PTSD-esque.)

In an effort to avoid the most hallowed day of consumerism in America, I am doing two things: hiding in my office until it’s safe to rejoin the world (I work in Times Square, so this is not happening any time soon) and getting a jump start on my holiday gifting with a much more low-key DIY project (it’s a slow work day). Not only am I saving myself from stress, anxiety, and an inevitable trip to a therapist, but DIY-ing my way through my holiday gift list is actually so much more enjoyable than shopping.

Since I’m not particularly crafty, I wasn’t really sure how to start making gifts that wouldn’t resemble the artwork of a first-grader. Luckily, I was gifted a Holi-DIY kit from California Almonds so I could test the waters. The kit is an idiot-proof (and tasty!) gift that’s perfect for co-workers or family you never see but feel obligated to buy presents for anyway. It comes with everything you need: Mason jars, almonds, spices, and festive decorations.

In a super-simple process, you basically mix together spices, roast the almonds, mix it all up and decorate your mason jar as desired. Voila! A holiday gift is born.

The only drawback? Eating your gifts before you get a chance to put them under the tree, which I may or may not be guilty of…

Photograph: California Almonds