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Holiday and Christmas Decorations You Can Recreate~ Christmas Peppermint Candy Shop

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Christmas Candy Shop Carnation Mint Sundaes I have some really cool Christmas decorations to share with you today from Sandra de Ovando, of Ovando's in New York City. It's a Christmas candy shop theme that you can recreate for your Christmas or holiday party.

Better yet set it up as a candy bar, and give all your guests a small box to fill with candy as party favors.

Sandra's decorating philosophy is simple, not simplistic." Here are a couple more of Sandra's decorating tips:

  1. Come up with a central theme, her inspiration here was peppermint candy of course!
  2. Carry that theme throughout all of your décor.

Christmas Candy Shop 8

My favorite part if the design is the carnation sundaes, they're really cute, and really easy to recreate yourself.

Christmas Candy Shop 2

I love the red and white.

Here are a few pointers from Sandra for creating this look yourself:

  • Glue peppermints onto a foam ring for a fun and whimsical wreath.
  • Instead of setting out a bowl of peppermints, why not line the inside of a clear bowl with the candies then fill it with flowers, use a peppermint to top it off.
  • Ornaments and garland can all fall within the theme if you use red and white stripes.
  • Melt miniature candy canes down in the oven until flat and then insert one into your invites for a preview of the theme.

Images courtesy of Ovando's New York

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