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Holiday Alert! Sweetest Day Is October 20th

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What's Sweetest Day?” you ask. Think late-October Valentine's Day. It's a bit of a thing here in the Midwest.

Turns out it wasn't crafted by Hallmark as part of an effort to sell more cards as I'd always assumed. Close, though. It was concocted in 1921 by a consortium of Cleveland area candy manufacturers. Here's the Wikipedia entry.

Now, I know what some of you men are probably saying: “I'll be damned if I'm gonna be bullied into buying my gal a present by those capitalists pigs just so they can scoop up a bit more of my hard earned cash!” I know some of you are saying this, because I've said it in the past.

Here's my advice: Relax… Forget about those capitalist pigs for just a moment, and think instead about your wife. If you are one of those guys who does everything to show his wife beyond the shadow of HER doubt how special she is throughout the year, then feel free to let Sweetest Day pass guilt-free. If, however, you aren't one of those guys then look at Sweetest Day as a kindly reminder to do something a little special for your gal.

(If you aren't sure which category you fall into, be safe and assume you're in the category that could stand to do more.)

And if you aren't from the Midwest, then surprise your wife with a gift in honor of a slightly obscure, regional holiday concocted by capitalist pigs yet redeemed as a genuine expression of your love.