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Coffee and Cigarette Flavored Rum Is Destined To Be Your Hipster Friends’ New Favorite Drink

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cup of coffee and cigarette on table

Coffee and cigarettes are the ultimate image of grunge coolness that every Nirvana fan aspired to exude in the 90's. But even if you've evolved into a health-conscious hipster who's more into chai tea and chia seeds, this new Coffee and Cigarette Spiced Rum could become your new vice. And don't worry, the brewers aren't actually putting out their cigs in the booze, at least as far as I know.

This seemingly poison-filled concoction comes from Stolen, a small, independent company founded in New Zealand. But according to their website, this particular flavor can indeed be purchased in the U.S. (my bets are on Brooklyn to be a major purveyor). So if people aren't dumping their morning vices into the vats, then how is this stuff even made? The team infuses Caribbean rum with roasted coffee bean and smoke flavors, which apparently deliver, “a sweet coffee aroma with a smoky but smooth mouth feel.” Ah yes, I imagine it'd make my mouth feel a lot like kissing my high school band director, notorious for his coffee-booze breath. Shudder.

You may be totally grossed out by now, but according to Drink Hacker's review, it's actually a pretty nicely flavored rum. He reports that, “primary note on the nose is coffee. It’s a little dark and husky, but this comes across more as dark roast espresso with a touch of spice than, as feared, the flavor of old coffee with cigarette butts floating in it.” Well that's a relief!

If you do happen to get your hands on a bottle, then one recipe to try is the Smoke & Coke. All it takes is an ounce of rum, five ounces cola, and an orange slice. Stir that stuff up and you've got a perfect companion for your next viewing of Jim Jarmusch's cult classic film, Coffee and Cigarettes. And when you wake up hungover the next morning, you can spike your morning cup of joe with it! If you go through with these steps, you must let us know so that we may dub you the official arbiter of all that is cool.

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