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Hilary Duff Made Me A Fan With Her Rant About Baby Weight Body-Shaming

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I don't think I've ever watched a show or movie that had Hilary Duff in it. I mean, I know that she works. She did a lot with the Disney Channel, right? She made the bazillionith Cinderella remake. There's a sister involved in there somehow. I've just never been a huge fan of her's. But after a couple awesome quotes in response to some serious baby weight body-shaming, I've decided that I'm going to watch or listen to whatever Duff comes out with next. This lady definitely deserves the support.

In case you missed the nonsense, Duff recently dared to venture into public three months after giving birth to her adorable son Luca. Gasp! The actress and musician hasn't returned to model size proportions before choosing to put on a two-piece bathing suit. The horror, right? She didn't even seem to sucking in as she was carrying around her infant son and trying to enjoy a little family time.

To no one's surprise (but our disappointment), the internet immediately jumped on Duff and started commenting on her barely-visible baby weight. I would post an example, but I don't think we need to give it any more validity. The fact is that people did what you expect them to, compared her to other new mothers who lost their weight quickly and questioned whether she even “cared” to get back into shape.

But Duff didn't hang up her bikini or turn a blind eye to the inappropriate commentary. She fired back, first telling her detractors to “Say it to my face.” When I read that comment, I actually said out loud to my computer, “Thank you!” It's so easy for people to criticize someone that they don't know on the computer. I have a feeling that if any of those people met Duff in person, they would have something completely different to say. Probably along the lines of, “You look great!”

However, Hilary wasn't just commenting on the cruel nature of the internet. She took a minute to give some really great body-positive motivation for new moms out there. “I'm not perfect, but I feel fantastic,” Hilary told In Touch magazine. “This is how it goes for most women – the weight doesn't fall off overnight.” In a world where runaway models are back to work mere weeks after giving birth, it's nice to see someone acknowledge that women's bodies are all different. For most of us, it takes a little time to get back to pre-pregnancy shape.

Duff obviously seems committed to staying in shape. She mentions, “I don't care what people say. I'm not back to where I want to be, but I'm not stressing it.” She has goals for her weight loss, from the sounds of it, but she isn't giving herself unrealistic deadlines or giving in to the pressure of the media. As a woman who struggled to lose my post-baby belly, I just have to say that it's refreshing to hear a mother in the public eye be so confident about an issue that haunts lots of mothers.

So yes, now I feel obligated to buy into whatever Duff starts selling, simply to show a little motherly support. Honestly, it's rare enough to hear celebrities send a body positive message that I always want to support those who make the effort. But that might be a post for another time.

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