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If You Can’t Have Sex Without Smoking A Little Weed First, This App Will Help You Get Laid

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If You Can t Have Sex Without Smoking A Little Weed First  This App Will Help You Get Laid Screen Shot 2015 02 09 at 10 53 28 PM 640x272 pngPersonally, I can’t wait for the day when people will say, “60 percent of marriages end in divorce…but of that number, 40 percent met on Tinder.”

Okay, maybe I want the divorce ratio to be lower and the Tinder rate to be higher. But you get what I mean. Online dating is huge! And now, even stoners can find love via a dating app, because weed smokers finally (finally?) have their own version of Tinder.

The new swipe-right-for-yes, left-for-no app is appropriately called High There.

The reasoning for this cannabis coupling app? Weed smokers, marijuana dabblers, stoners—whatever you want to call them—aren’t so keen on dating people they can’t smoke around, because addiction. (I know I’m going to get some flak for that because YES, I KNOW YOU CAN’T GET ADDICTED TO WEED. But, um, yes you can. Or at the very least, reliant or very, very obsessed with it.) By creating an app that removes the awkward, “Do you or don’t you blaze?” tension that comes with being a 4/20 friendly single, like-minded stoners can get together to light up, eat a ton of food, and maybe half-heartedly attempt sex before determining they are ‘just too stoned.’

The Colorado (of course, Colorado)-based startup is currently only available in the 23 states where smoking weed is already legal. But fingers crossed it’ll be available nationwide sometime soon.

High Times looks just like Tinder, and you still swipe through profiles to meet your match. Individuals are asked to share details about their getting high habits—like your favorite methods of doing so, and how you act once you’re under the influence. Once you find someone you want to take a hit with, you can hit on them by pressing ‘Connect.’ If it’s a match, you can reach out to one another through the app’s built-in messaging system.

The blunt-ness of the app is pretty hard to miss. So if you’re going to download the app on your Android (sorry, iPhone users, it’s not quite ready for you yet), I suggest packing some rolling papers for your next date. And if you get so stoned you forget what you’re doing, here’s a handy video: