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High On Grey’s Anatomy

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High on Grey s Anatomy alloy default image jpgExcuse the quietness in this blog. Robin is recovering from her recent surgery. We all wish you are doing nicely Robin and would like to hear all about it when you get back.

High on Grey s Anatomy alloy default image jpgWhile I, am recuperating from my “hang-over” from 2 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Yes folks, since my last post here, I spent watching all two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on DVD, on a “marathon”.

I know mine wasn’t much of an excuse but I know you’d all understand that we get kind-a crazy sometimes and would just like to get away from our normal routine. He he.

This weekend, I am not going to get even close to watching any video, I promise. 😉

See you all next week and have a good weekend! 😀