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Here’s What We Ate For Lunch Today. How About You?

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In our quest to track and improve our nutritional habits, we just went around the office asking everyone what they had eaten, were eating, were about to eat, or (in a few cases) weren't eating for lunch at work today. Most people had chowed down at their desks – only two people actually ate outside the office. So what did you eat for lunch today? Still contemplating? Or are you dropping meatball parm hero crumbs on your keyboard as you read this? Let us know in the comments section, below, and then tell us if our eating habits horrify you. We can take it.

Boss #1

Eat: Turkey burger with brown rice, but I won't eat the bun. Drink: Water.

Boss #2

Eat: Lentil chili. Drink: Water.

Editor #1

Eat: Spaghetti and meatballs…comfort food. Drink: Water.

Editor #2

Eat: Two pieces of pretzel chicken, a side of beans, and corn salad. Drink: Diet Coke.

Intern #1

Eat: Cheese pizza with hot sauce. Drink: Water.

Intern #2

Eat: Pork chow mein. Drink: Coke Zero.

Blogger #1

Eat: Chicken, wild rice, and broccoli. Hard candies for dessert. Drink: Plain seltzer.

Intern #3

Eat: Tuna wrap. Drink: Black iced tea.

Editor #3

Eat: I haven't eaten lunch yet. It's 2:45 p.m. I really hope my nutritionist doesn't read this. Drink: Water.

Intern #4

Eat: I had a Lara bar on the way to work this morning, and haven't eaten lunch yet. I'll probably eat later. Drink: Water.

Blogger #2

Eat: Orzo spinach salad, grapes and kiwi, and a chocolate chip cookie. Drink: Water.