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Here’s The Offensive New Weight Loss Show You Didn’t Ask For

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Here s The Offensive New Weight Loss Show You Didn t Ask For katie hopkins jpg

In offensive-yet-fascinating news, there’s a new show coming to British TV that will follow one woman’s journey to gaining a large amount of weight and then losing it. Katie Hopkins, a columnist for The Sun, is seeking to back up her claims that fat people are lazy and guilty by proving that it’s actually super duper easy to drop weight quickly.

According to the Daily Mail, Hopkins has “stopped doing exercise and stuck to a rigorous meal plan of fatty and sugary foods, including pasta, crisps and chocolate biscuits.” A video clip of the upcoming show, To Fat And Back, features a tearful Hopkins reading a list of everything she “has to” eat in order to gain the weight, including an entire can of Pringles. “I hate fat people,” she adds, “for making me do this.” Awesome.

Here s The Offensive New Weight Loss Show You Didn t Ask For katie hopkins crying png

Our readers obviously don’t need me to explain to them that it’s extremely problematic to assume that a) all fat people are unhealthy, b) all fat people are required to make constant efforts to “improve themselves” to make other people happy, and c) anybody wants to hear what a naturally thin person has to say about her year-long experience with excess weight. I get it, you get it. It sucks.

While my gut is telling me that the whole point of this show is be offensive enough that people can’t help but talk about it, I guess it’s possible that something good could come out of it. Maybe Hopkins’ experiences will cause her to have a change of heart and realize why weight loss is such a huge challenge for some people. Maybe she’ll meet someone along the way who will be able to shed some light on the factors that contribute to obesity. Maybe enough people will blog and tweet about getting pissed off by this show and other people will learn from the things they write. It’s possible, right?

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