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Hen’s Night That Can Get Out Of Hand

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When I got married, I had 3 pre-wedding parties….2 bridal showers thrown for me by my friends and family respectively and 1 hen night where we went to a gay bar to see men gyrating in nothing but their birthday suit! They were a lot of fun so I can understand the bride-to-bes who are looking forward to their own bridal showers!

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From my own experience….everyone can have fun without getting out of hand….not really keen on looking after my friends who’ve gone a bit overboard with the drinking and are puking all over the place. That is not good, ladies. It will ruin the evening for everyone.

So…a word of caution for anyone planning a hen night for their friends….make sure that the invited guests do not overdo the boozing. As hostess, it is your responsibility that the girls stay out of trouble and that the bride-to-be have the time of her life before she gets tied, err, before she ties the knot! 🙂

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