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Helen Mirren Takes Top Body Award

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Helen Mirren Takes Top Body Award helen mirren bikini jpg
Here’s how the runners-up fared:

Elle MacPherson – 10.6%
Kelly Brook – 8.35%
Jennifer Lopez – 6.6%
Cheryl Cole – 5.35%
Myleene Klass – 4.2%
Holly Willoughby – 4.1%
Pippa Middleton – 4%
Kate Winslet – 3.9%

Of course, the good people of The Internet have been snarking all over the results. This CBS News clip apparently can’t resist getting in a few man-on-the-street digs about how absurd it is to pick Mirren over J-Lo. And one boy’s website I saw asked if participants weren’t confused into thinking they were voting in a ‘most like the Cryptkeeper’ poll. Ugh. What a tired, snotty, immature angle to take on this. And how funny (and telling) what an affront some of the dude sites are taking this as—how dare a standard of beauty not cater precisely to me?

Sure, younger men (and some younger women) are going to balk at the idea that a 66-year-old could—OMG!—be considered desirable, especially when compared to younger women. But this wasn’t just a poll of young men—this was a poll of 2,000 LA Fitness Club members of both sexes and all ages. And it was a poll of ‘Best Body,’ not ‘Who would you most want to bang?’

Not to say that some voters wouldn’t choose Mirren for the latter—I’m sure some really find Mirren sexiest. Maybe some voted for Mirren because they see hers as a body that’s more obtainable to them than, say, Playboy model Kelly Brook’s. Maybe some consider Mirren’s body ‘best’ for the very fact that she’s remained so smoking hot at an age when society says she should only be the butt of granny jokes. Regardless, when it came to ordinary people of all ages voting, Mirren won—and that’s awesome. What a beautiful way to show that when it comes to the population at large, not everyone would rather be or be with a single body type.