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Hearts & Flowers, Hugs & Kisses – Blog Carnival

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In celebration of the upcoming holiday, the b5media Lifestyles Channel participated in their own little carnival, hearts and flowers, hugs and kisses…

Because of nasty weather and the horrible flu bug going around and the recent server outage, some of the channel wasn't able to participate. But when it comes to something like Valentine's Day, the most recognized day of love, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to have everyone join in.

Now, won't take a little stroll with me around the channel to revisit some and discover new Valentine goodies our bloggers are dishing up just for you?

Cyndi from Layers Upon Layers shares a beautiful handcrafted plaque that packs a punch and if you're not into throwing a punch, how about jewelry. That's always a nice option – especially when it's handmade.

Widows Quest offers tips to help cope during the holiday or anniversary when the loss of a loved one might feel a bit more difficult.

Katelyn at Stamping Mad has created a special Valentine's Greeting especially for her readers.

Sandy at All Holiday Cafe pauses to thank her 6th Grade English Teacher for giving her the love of words.

Christina from SoloMother pays tribute to all those who have enriched the lives of both she and her son, made them laugh, made them feel safe, loved, wanted.

Deb Ng shares a funny little poem she's written for her husband and his amazing and a little more than Simply Thrifty habits.

Hankering for Yarn and Noreen is sharing a family tradition this holiday by sharing a design and tips on how to make a spool knitted Valentine.

Chloe from Tangled Thread has decided to give felt sweethearts this year for Valentine's Day, not candy ones.

Marcie at A Child Chosen has a delightful idea for a candy-free alternative to creating a fun Valentine for kids.

Peggy, one of our newest channel members has created a very special Valentine to our planet Earth via Tree Hugging Family.

Julie from Declutter It is thinking of her husband on Valentine’s Day with a funny little poem that could be from the spouse of anyone who spends too much time on the computer. And if you swing on over to Play Library, you can check out some very funny Valentine quotes that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

If a romantic comedy is what you have in mind this Valentine's Day, check out the list of movie titles Thrifty Mommy has compiled and while you're there, why not drop off a few of your own favorite titles too!

If you're parenting teens or tweens, be sure to check out the list of Valentine activities for kids of all ages at Weary Parent. You'll find a fun assortment of treats, crafts and more that Char has graciously put together.

Farley shares a somewhat intimate letter to the object of her blogging affection on Behind the Vines.

Joshua at Junk Creations has come up with an amazing, recycled style Valentine for his lovely bride and is sharing his creativeness with all of us. I wonder if his wife knows how much we appreciate his artistic talents?

The newest edition to Supernanny Rules pays tribute to her husband with a quirky little poem that is tells it like it is.

Heather has taken her Creative Journal and used it as a space to share a Haiku from the heart for her own love this holiday of love.

Our very own Lifestyles channel Super Hero, Trench, has written a very special poem to the Attorney General at My Crime Space, while at Psycho for Love, he shares his views on why there should be an Anti-Valentine's Day and shares his thoughts on how people should let those they love know they love them all year long.

Jennifer at Offbeat Homes has created a special offbeat Valentine greeting especially for her readers.

Mary Emma Allen at Quilting and Patchwork suggests seven ideas for Valentine's Day cards, gifts, and activities quilters can use to make this a special occasion.

Heather at Chocolate Bytes has gotten clever in how to drop hints for her husband when it gets to be February 13th and he hasn't got a clue what to get her.

Noel at Unplugged Living offers up a special greeting to his wife and son with a surprise announcement for his readers.

Marye at Baking Delights takes us along for a walk down memory lane to a time when she decorated her first cake ever. Speaking of memory lane, while you're there, check out the flashback to our very own G.I. Jane and how she handles those who try to steal her thunder.

Sasha at Dating Dames shares her own Top 5 Heart Gifts. This list might come in handy for those who are stumped for ideas.

Maricar at Keeping the Castle has created a special card for all her readers. Cupids got nothing on our Queen of the Castle.

Kerri Aldrich of Marriage Actually was one who was down with the flu and since her Valentine took such good care of her while she was sick, she was inspired to write a bit of poetry.

Elizabeth, otherwise known to many as BusyMom, shares a special love note from her heart to her readers on both GenBetween and Career and Kids.

Linette Gerlach at Mother Earth's Garden is getting prepared for Spring and has taken a bit of a break from gardening tips and tales to share a little Valentine poem and Herbal Folklore with all of you.

Christine Gooding, our virtual wedding planner shares lots of Valentine Wedding Proposal ideas for all you men folk who have the ring, but not the words.

And what better way to end our trail of Valentine wishes… Tracee Sioux of BlogFabulous is like having our very own Energizer Bunny sometimes. Tracee has put together her own little shopping list of thank yous to the love of her life…

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day holiday and if you can't be with the one you love, share it with those who love you, right here on b5media Lifestyles.