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Heart Attack Grill Owner Jon Basso Says Fast Food Honors Founding Fathers

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In the wake of news about a guy having a heart attack while eating at the Heart Attack Grill, owner Jon Basso, is defending the restaurant's menu…by saying that it honors the way our Founding Fathers wanted us to live. I'm not sure what's worse: The fact that he's making fast food a patron saint for freedom, or the fact that as a former nutritionist, he should know better than to defend the merits of fast food.

The tragicomic story of a man going into cardiac arrest in the middle of eating a “Triple Bypass Burger” has been all over the news this week; for many, it serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of eating fast food (and a timely one, too, with February being American Heart Month and all). But Basso insists that his restaurant—where waitresses dress in sexy nurse costumes, and Basso himself dresses as a doctor ready to measure customers' heart palpitations—represents traditional American values:

What it's all about is a place where you can live the way our Founding Fathers intended us to live, and that is by our own accord. There are intrusive busy-body groups that want to take away our right to have a simple hamburger, a coke, some fries and enjoy our lives the way we want to.

And when Basso was asked about the calorie count of his menu items, he responded that “it's totally against everything we believe in to count calories.”

Something tells me that George Washington didn't have Heart Attack Grill's “Triple Bypass Burger” in mind when he was drafting the constitution.