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Heard About Solar Shingles?

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We all sure have heard about shingles. But these are made of wood or brick. But never solar cells. But there are now such things known as solar shingles and they will not only be part of the decorative aspect of your roof – they will also be playing a part in helping you save money by lessening your energy bills.

Vaguhn Prost works for Missouri Solar Applications. On solar panels and solar shingles, he says, “If you had one of these arrays on your home, it would produce about half of your electricity that you'd need for your average home.” Okay. Just check out that statement and imagine how much you will be saving. I bet you are thinking of getting yourself one now. If you are, go ahead! It’s worth the investment.

Prost also continued to share, “In the coming years, I think that people will look at solar shingles on their house as something as normal as having plumbing inside their house.”

And I think he’s right.

Source: KOMU