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11 Accounts To Follow On Twitter If You Actually Want To Be Healthier

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Sure, live tweeting Pretty Little Liars and Bachelor Pad is fun and all, but it won’t help you feel better about yourself–especially if you’re downing a glass of wine as you watch.

Instead of using Twitter to diminish your health or crack celebrity jokes in 140 characters, you can use it to make yourself healthier–and happier!

From motivational fitness quotes, to healthy recipes and fitness tips, here are the best Twitter feeds and accounts to follow if you’re looking to make healthier lifestyle changes.

The @VegaTeam account focuses on plant-based nutrition, tweeting about everything from healthy recipes to tips for feeling better in your own skin. But the real reason we’re into this gem? They share cocktails that won’t give us a beer belly. Score.   


This account is so goody-goody about health and fitness it almost makes us sick (and to be honest, the thought of some of their kale smoothie recipes actually do). Yet despite their relentless ‘can-do’ attitude, the @Greatist account is great when you’re looking for quick workouts you can do at home, health news supplemented with humor, and, yes, even the beginner’s guide to gardening.  


@WellnessFX empowers people to live better, healthier lives by providing them with actionable insights about their personal health–and ELF images. Follow this account if you want to get more into the nitty gritty of health, like learning about IIFYM diets (If It Fits Your Macros), corporate wellness or triglycerides. Yeah, we don’t know what that is, either.


This account represents a network of fitness bloggers daring to try the latest in fitness,, so if you’re looking for first-hand reviews, @FitApproach as got you covered. Learn about individual’s personal experiences trying new apps, workouts and gear, before trying it yourself.


If you’re the kind of person who eats, sleeps and breathes kale smoothies, yoga and ‘being true to yourself,’ (gag) then this is the account for you. @WellandGoodNYC explores new fitness studios, fit fashion, healthy recipes and the habits of wellness gurus.  


We didn’t know you could use a paintbrush to get better sleep, but apparently the people behind the @Wellocracy account do! Find out what color to paint your room for more restful shut-eye, and how to track water consumption throughout the day. You’ll be yawning–whether from your new room decor or this feed’s content–soon enough.  


If you can’t stop double-tapping inspirational quotes on Instagram, @FitnssMotivate is the account for you. Because you can never hear, “Make yourself stronger than your excuses’ enough. Or can you?  


 Want to hear from a real person instead of a logo behind a brand? Turn to Adam Bornstein (@BornFitness), a fitness expert and New York Times best-selling author. He shares recipes, fitness tips, and reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of carbs–which is reason enough to click ‘follow!’  


@DailyBurn shares fitness tips, workouts and health news, but it’s best feature is that it will challenge you to 30-day fitness plans, pushing you to reach your goals and get fit. Oh, and that they say we can still eat grilled cheese.


For the fitness buffs, there’s @FitBottomedGirl. Learn the difference between a maximalist and minimalist running shoe, whether or not multivitamins are good for you, and most importantly, how to get a butt rivaling @JenSelter.


Just kidding. @JenSelter's butt isn't real.

*Know of another account we should be following? Comment and let us know!