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8 (Somewhat) Healthy Super Bowl Recipes To Get You Ready For Game Day

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The Super Bowl is still more than a week away, but it still feels like a pretty good excuse to explore party food on Pinterest and start collecting recipes for sliders and wings. But if all those recipes have you worried about your saturated fat intake, we're here to help. One day of indulgence isn't going to kill you, of course (and if your family's secret seven-layer dip recipe is an annual tradition, we want you to enjoy it). But supplementing your spread with healthy super bowl recipes that aren't deep-fried and heavy as a brick isn't a bad idea, either–both in terms of your health and in terms of taste.

Don't get us wrong: We're not going to pretend that kale and smoothies are game day favorites, and we fully realize that “healthy nachos” is basically an oxymoron (or the name of a really disappointing recipe). But there are a few ways you can lighten up a few favorite dishes so that you can enjoy the game instead of your bottle of TUMS.

Check out these (somewhat) healthy super bowl recipes and tell us what your Super Bowl snack ideas are for this year:

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