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Easy Ways To Incorporate Healthy Snacking Into Your Daily Routine

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Growing up, I loved sweets. My parents tried to get me to enjoy healthier snacks, but the ones I liked were few and far between, so their efforts were by and large in vain. I was extremely active as a child, playing three sports and playing outside daily, so I never gained any weight or showed outward signs of unhealthiness. My mom wouldn't let us eat really sugary cereal or have stuff that was bad for our teeth, but when you're a kid, it's so easy to acquire those treats regardless of your parents efforts (which is sort of why I support the regulations on school food), and acquire I did. I didn't appreciate nor eagerly engage in healthy snacking until I got much older and moved out.

It wasn't overnight that I started liking healthy foods in between meals; in fact, for my first year of college, my ex and I loved going out at 1 in the morning and getting fries at In N Out. Plus, I never had to cook: the dorm food was right there, and I didn't have a kitchen anyway. But then I moved away and had to fend for myself food-wise. At first, I just went with what I knew: pre-made, generally health-devoid snacks that could tide me over until my next meal. However, after getting sick several times that year from having a poor immune system and not really treating my body right, I knew I had to do something different.

Eventually, I began gradually incorporating healthy snacking into my diet. It was weird at first, as I wasn't really used to being selective about what I ate, but I started noticing that I absolutely felt better and more energetic. While I still had the aches and pains I tend to get, my body felt so much less stressed out and I even slept a little better than before. There are tons of benefits to being healthy in our diets, as we all know, but even the seemingly negligible little in-betweens matter. If you're looking for simple ways to improve your eating, these tips may just help you do that.

– With friends

– Don't force

– Find ones that share things with already enjoyed snacks

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