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7 Healthy Recipes For Your Favorite Summer Treats

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berry pie on tablecloth

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If you're like me, summer time is a conflict between wanting to eat all the ice cream while still maintaining a presentable bathing suit body. Well, you can have your cake and eat it too, if you sub some of these healthy recipes for the usual summer treats. Try them out!

1. Mint Ginger Lemonade 

ginger lemonade mint leaves(Image: Blender Girl)

Not only is lemonade a nostalgic token of school-free summers, it can easily be a healthy thirst-quencher if you skip the refined sugar. And that's just what this recipe does! It calls for agave nectar, honey, or a natural sweetener of your choice, plus fresh ginger and mint leaves for a refreshing spin on a classic beverage.

2. The Absolute Best (and Healthiest) Key Lime Pie

key lime pie on fork(Image: Nosh and Nourish)

That's a confident recipe title if I've ever seen one, but if it tastes anything like its description, then it really might be the best. It uses lemon Greek yogurt, banana/squash puree, and almond milk as sweeteners instead of sugar-filled condensed milk, and I am definitely going to try making this with a glass of that lemonade.

3. Double Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream

chocolate- chip avocado ice cream(Image: Hummusapien)

My heart rate increased while poring over this recipe. I've actually made avocado ice cream before, and while the consistency is of course going to be different from the milky stuff, it's a really amazing way to make a healthy, creamy frozen treat. And this recipe just makes it even better by using cocoa powder, chocolate chips, coconut milk, and honey to turn those avocados brown. But in a good way.

4. Honeyed Yogurt and Blueberry Tart with Ginger Crust

blueberry tart on plate with coffee mug

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 Another deliciously healthy creamy treat coming your way. This tart features a ginger-graham cracker crust, filled with honeyed Greek yogurt and topped off with blueberries.

5. Watermelon Smoothie Cooler 

watermelon smoothie

 (Image: Healthful Pursuit)

On a hot day, nothing is quite as satisfying as the sweet, juicy taste of a watermelon. And you can take it on the go with this awesome smoothie recipe, using strawberries and coconut water.

6. Peach Blueberry Cobbler

peach cobbler

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This cobbler recipe looked too good to pass up, but I'd recommend subbing coconut oil and eggs for the canola oil and butter, for added healthification.

7. Simple Summer Pudding

summer berry pudding(Image: Jeffrey Louis Burk/Shutterstock)

This interesting recipe comes from the U.K., where puddings tend to be more popular. Lots of organic berries make this a light and lovely summer-ready dessert.