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10 Healthy Ways To Procrastinate Right Now

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procrastinationI'm a major procrastinator. Chances are, if there's something even mildly unpleasant that I am obligated to do, that I'll wait until the last possible moment to do it. This is not uncommon. My fellow dilly-dalliers, I know better than to vow to stop dragging my feet altogether, but I am willing to start procrastinating in a healthier and more productive way.

Here are 10 healthy procrastination methods:

  1. Go for a brief run- Listen to your favorite workout songs while you hit the pavement; you'll get some cardio in and waste a little time.
  2. Try oil pulling- You've been meaning to see what it's all about. There's no time like the present to oil pull.
  3. Take a moment for some mindful breathing- They don't tell you to “focus on your breathing” in yoga class because it's not good for you. Do nothing but breathe for as long as you need.
  4. Change your sheets- You've probably been putting that off too, but now is the time to put a fresh set of linens on your bed. Once you do this, you'll have clean sheets and a made bed when you finally finish whatever you have to do and get to turn in.
  5. Floss Your Teeth- Flossing is fool proof way to improve your self esteem if only for a moment. There's nothing wrong with taking a moment for your oral hygiene before starting a big project.
  6. Dry Brush Your Body- Some people say it diminishes the appearance of cellulite. Why go run an errand, when you can improve your circulation and get dead skin off your ass?
  7. Drink a glass of water- You're probably dehydrated to even contemplate going out to fill a prescription right now.
  8. Wash your face- Maybe even do a masque! A mini facial is relaxing, beautifying and refreshing.
  9. Talk to someone you love on the phone- A nice chat with granny will be much more pleasant than whatever phone call you're putting off.
  10. Do some stretches- You'll feel calm enough to wrestle the world once you loosen up those muscles.

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