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Meatless Monday: 7 Healthy Pizza Recipes That Are All Vegetarian and Gluten-Free

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healthy pizza recipes

Even when Super Bowl ads offend us, they're annoyingly good at making us crave junk food. (I guess that's why they spend the big bucks). Some are worth resisting entirely–that Oreo's ad was funny, but please don't go buy a pack of Double-Stufs–but some ad-inspired cravings are possible to quell by eating something relatively healthy. Case in point: pizza. Whether you're eating vegetarian for Meatless Monday, going gluten-free, or even going grain-free for a paleo diet, it's possible to find healthy pizza recipes that suits your needs–and is delicious.

Don't fall for the Pizza Hut's new gross pizza gimmick; if the Super Bowl ads gave you a craving, check out our vegetarian, gluten free pizza recipes:

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