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Healthy Organic Holiday Herbs & Spices

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Organic herbs and spices are the perfect accompaniment for your green Thanksgiving feast this November. Herbs and spices not only season your food but can help keep you naturally more healthy during the hectic holiday season. For example…

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  • Sage used for stuffing, gravy, bread, soup, and more can also help fight upset stomach, reduce depression and even inhibits the development of different bacteria. Some research shows that sage can even help boost insulin action in those with diabetes.
  • Rosemary used for potatoes, veggies, and more fights free radicals, relaxes your stomach, and has even been shown to aid memory issues in Alzheimer's disease.
  • Oregano has 20 times more antioxidant power than other herbs and is an anti-inflammatory that is useful in fighting all sorts of baddies from coughs to food-borne pathogens to cancer and more. Plus it seasons your stuffing, veggies and potato dishes nicely.
  • Cinnamon, used for pie, cookies, fruit, cider and more is also a tasty way to help fight heart disease and diabetes. This powerful spice also is great for relieving nausea, can support digestion, and more.

Many other herbs and spices have excellent healing properties as well. Visit The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine to learn more.

Why organic?

Why not organic is the better question. Organic farming and organic food keeps pesticides and other nasty chemicals off your Thanksgiving table, supports your health, and supports the planet's health.

Where to find organic herbs and spices:

NOTE: Before using a herb as a medicinal treatment read Herbal Medicine Cabinet Safety.

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