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8 Healthy Recipes For The Kentucky Derby

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Are you ready for the most exciting two minutes in sports? Tomorrow, thousands of Americans will gather around their televisions (or head to the tracks) in fantastic hats and seersucker suits, ready to sip mint juleps and play the ponies in celebration of the Kentucky Derby. Not sure what’s appropriate to bring? Here are eight healthy, easy Kentucky Derby recipes that are sure to win, place, or show.

From Hoppin’ John to cornbread casserole to over-baked “fried” chicken, these recipes may look like the work of Paula Deen, but believe unlike the Southern chef’s versions, they won’t leave you feeling in a butter-induced coma. Most are even vegan!

Of course, even you won’t be watching the race (horse racing is pretty problematic in its treatment of animals), surely you can still get behind some healthy, plant-rich Southern-style dishes (and drinks) on a sunny Saturday afternoon, right?

Image: mine, from last year’s party